The Happy Show

In March 2012, I worked as an artist’s assistant on ‘Step Up To It‘ – an installation by Stefan Sagmeister as part of his touring exhibition, The Happy Show. We built the typographic skyscraper structure out of sugar cubes. Visitors to the exhibition were invited to smile into a sensor. The sensor, picking up their smile, would then trigger colour-changing projection-mapping on the sugarcubes. The projection-mapping was designed and implemented by the talented Brooklyn-based collective, Red Paper Heart.

The Happy Show was on display in the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, April through August 2012; it then went to The Design Exchange in Toronto, January through March 2013; and finally finished up its tour at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, March through June 2013.



Title: Step Up To It
Exhibition: The Happy Show
Creative Direction: Sagmeister & Walsh
Projection Mapping: Red Paper Heart
Date: March 2012
Medium: Projection, Sugarcubes, Smile-Activated Sensor