The Imposter

While working at BOND Strategy & Influence, I built an installation for the BAFTA-winning documentary, ‘The Imposter’ as part of a guerilla marketing campaign.

The film centres around an FBI investigation into a missing child so I recreated the FBI board as part of the installation. A key scene in the film takes place by a phone booth in Spain so I sourced an American phone booth and customized it’s signage to look make it like the one in the film. We placed a mannequin, wearing the clothes from the film, inside the booth, and wallpapered the walls of the cinema with missing child posters displaying the film’s Twitter handle.

The film launched at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema on Houston St on 13th July and the installation remained on display for a fortnight. The campaign was well received in the media and the film scored the highest per-screen average the weekend it opened.



Photographs © 2012 Cameron Schiller / BOND Strategy & Influence


Agency: BOND Strategy & Influence
Client: The Imposter Film
Medium: Phone Booth, Boards, Flyers, Mannequin
Date: July 2012